I usually do commissions from photographs, often requiring multiple images to be able to produce a quality painting. If the commission is of your house pet, horse, livestock, ranch or favorite place I won’t begin without what I consider to be satisfactory images. This is to protect you. I want to do a piece of art that you will be pleased to own. I will discuss the work with you in detail before I start the painting.

l have or can obtain multiple images of ranch animals and wildlife in their native habitat. If you have photos of a trophy you harvested I  can paint that animal in its native habitat. I have hunted extensively worldwide and grew up spending many hours on Texas ranches.

I require 50 % before starting the commission. This will be after our discussion of what you want, ideas for the composition and review of any photographs that may be needed. Full payment is required upon completion of the painting.

My fee for commissions is $4.00/sg inch [$4.00/sg inch for 11×14] .This may increase up to 50% depending on the number of animals painted. The smallest size commission I do will do is 11×14. So for conventional size canvasses prices are:








Please contact me via email and I will call you to discuss any of your ideas and my abilities to provide the painting that you will be pleased with.

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Thank you for considering me to do your art commission!

Steve Boster
References provided upon request